Who Drew The Painting..Elephant, Artist, or Preschooler?
Test your artistic instincts with this fun quiz!  But first, a little about our artists:

Jean Miotte is a semi-famous contemporary artist who resides in New York, NY.  Her work is displayed in many private galleries, and a few public galleries, including the famous Guggenheim Museum.  She expresses herself with gestural brushstrokes and thick color pools, inspired by her inner conflicts.

Jackson Pollock was an influential American artist and a major force in the abstract expressionism movement.  By the mid to late 1940's he developed a painting method which made him famous: dripping paint on large flat canvasses to create expressions of "unconscious imagery".  Jackson Pollock died in Long Island, New York, in a car accident.

Kamala the elephant resides in the Calgary Zoo in Alberta, Canada.  Kamala expresses her mood through a form of "finger (or, should we say, trunk) painting", using custom made brushes onto an easel mounted canvas.  Some of her paintings have sold for over 2,000 dollars!

Ian Ford is a preschooler from the United States.  He likes to eat paste (just kidding).

Take a look at the paintings below and guess the artist!  You can click on each painting for a larger view. Scroll to the bottom of the page for the answers.
Thanks To:

The Calgary Zoo: http:www.calgaryzoo.org
Jean Miotte & Chelsea Art Museum: http://chelseaartmuseum.org/exhibits/2006/spirit/index.html
Story Board Toys: http://storyboardtoys.com
Jackson Pollock Official Site:  http://www.jacksonpollock.com
Guess the artist painting A
guess the artist painting C
guess the artist painting B
guess the artist painting D
guess the artist painting E
guess the artist painting F
guess the artist painting G
Answers To Quiz:
A. Jackson Pollock   B.  Kamala the elephant   C.  Jean Miotte   D.  Kamala the elepant   E.  Ian Ford, Preschooler   F.  Ian Ford, Preschooler   G.  Jackson Pollock
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