Michael - Lowland Gorilla:

Through his paintings, Michael offers "an unprecendented glimpse of the joys, frustrations and desires that he encounters in daily life". His collection of acrylics on canvas include intriguing examples of these visual and emotional representations.
Jackson Pollock:

Legendary abstract artist famous for his "drip" technique.  His use of paint with different viscosities, his sweep and rythm of application,  and the dynamics of bodily gestures combined to record his energy and state of mind.

Wanpen is a female elephant from the Maesa Elephant Camp in Thailand.  She was born in 1998 and began painting in 2000.  Her works are truly astounding, and have sold for $500 each and more.  She has amazing control of the brush, and concentrates intently while painting.

Kamsan, also spelled Kamsean, was born in captivity at the Maesa Elephant Camp in Thailand on May 4, 1998, and has been painting for over three years now.  She has an "astounding sense of composition and control, filling the canvas readily when in the mood".
Chelsea Isbister-Age 9:

From Chesea herself: "I am from Saskatoon, SK, western Canada. These pictures are mine. My dad helped with taping the paper and putting paint from the tube so I don't use too much. The paintings are 19x26inches and I used acrylics. I was 8 years old when I did these". (Note: Stock Photo)
Pisarev Genadiy:

Pisarev Genadiy is a professional artist from Lugansk, Ukraine.  He uses ceramics, metal crafts, and decorative sculpture to express himself, as well as the traditional medium of painting.  His diverse works have been displayed in museums and countries around the world including the Ukraine, Poland, and the United States.
Guess The Artist #3: A Lot Harder Than The First Two!
See if you can match the paintings to each artist (You can choose from a Gorilla, Two Famous Artists, Elephant, or Nine Year Old Child).  You might be surprised at your results!  Be sure to read the basic bios of our artists below, it might make the game a little easier for you.  Then, scroll down for the quiz!
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And Now, The Quiz....Simply Examine The Painting, And Guess The Artist!
And of course, guess the artist 1 and guess the artist 2.
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